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We’re so busy as entrepreneurs getting those next clients, trying to stabilize our monthly incomes, getting to the next meeting and building a team that we rarely stop and think about our leadership as an entrepreneur.

Yet every decision we make now in our businesses should be thought of from your unique leadership style - Your Leadership DNA.

We all have that unique leadership signature that needs to be developed, nurtured and stepped into even when in doubt, having fear or not knowing what needs to be decided.

The biggest glitch that comes up for entrepreneurs regarding your leadership is how late into your business building timeline you start thinking about your own ways of leading. Yet, you’ve been leading from the start and most likely more from a reactive position.

The current research is telling us that most leadership programs are failing and that over 80% of businesses who use these programs have buyers remorse.


The #1 reason - no real-world context!

As entrepreneurs, we know all about the real-world every single day. We live it. Being able to develop the right leadership skills for yourself and your business has to be as real-world as it gets.

Who you are as a leader starts very early in life. What happened and didn’t happen at home, where and how you belonged in your family, all shape the entrepreneurial leader you become.

Now before there’s this huge “sigh” about your family, understand just like you have inherited your physical and emotional DNA, you can also see how you inherited some of your Leadership DNA from your family. It’s where you start, along with your current skills and talents, your psychology and a brained based approach (yes, neuroscience!) you can lead your business and yourself to the success you want in this world.

The most important jump for entrepreneurial leaders to make is getting out of “doing” mode and into “being” a leader. You need to learn how to “be” more so the business can “do” more. As an entrepreneurial leader, you want to understand money in a whole new way, get out of any comfort zones, dispel limited belief systems, and make personal and professional growth a priority to create next-level results for your leadership.

Your leadership in your business is about your leadership style. How it can become a way to educate, encourage and empower change and strength where needed for yourself, the business and the team you develop. Using the tools of strategy, psychology and neuroscience to plot a path from your current leadership style to the desired leadership style that allows you to make your work matter in the world and have the success you desire.

Let’s get you started by answering and pondering the following questions regarding leadership and what you may need to consider developing the leadership style you desire. If you want feedback, you can email -

  • What leadership qualities did each of your parents exhibit?

  • Who do you admire as a leader and why?

  • What leadership skills to you want to develop as an entrepreneur?

  • Who has been a great leader for you? What do you want to bring forward from them?

  • Who has been an awful leader for you? What did you learn from them?

  • What are the most important decisions you make as an entrepreneurial leader?

  • What is one skill you think every entrepreneurial leader should have?

  • What are you doing to continue to grow as a leader?

  • What’s your biggest blind spot? How are you resolving it?

  • What makes people want to work with you? What makes people don’t work with you?

As a leader, what rules should you be breaking?

LoriAnne Reeves, CEO, The CEO Entrepreneur | Speaker | eWN Premier Success Coach | Sales & Business Strategist | Masters in Psychology | Certified Leadership Consultant | Author 

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