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Has your business slowed down? Are you putting certain aspects on pause? We’re here to let you know that it is completely normal. Many businesses are feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, 96 percent of small business owners say their businesses have been impacted. 

However, that doesn’t mean that this is the end - it’s the start of redirection. This means it’s time to focus on other aspects of your business that you may not have had time for without a pandemic. One aspect we’re highlighting in this article is focused on internal processes, which include revising goals, restructuring roles, and reorganizing information. 

Consider these tips for your business through the pandemic to elevate processes moving forward:

Restructure Roles

If your business is being impacted, then that most likely means that your team members are, as well. It’s time to evaluate each position and what role it plays in meeting your business goals. This may include shifting one member to a new role, restructuring what a current role does, and possibly getting rid of a specific role altogether. It can be overwhelming to deal with this during an uncertain time, but be sure to look at your options and take the time necessary to make rational decisions. 

With the shift of team members working remotely, many businesses have created new positions to adjust. It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to work from home, but it does get tricky when typical workflows get disrupted. Consider implementing or taking on the role of a crisis manager. This is someone who is responsible for planning and executing the response to major business threats like COVID-19. Needless to say, this will help all aspects of internal processes.

From there, look into each role and make changes where necessary. Someone who was dealing with administration tasks may have to move into the marketing realm since the digital space is vital right now. You know your business and team-best, so work with each individual member to make sure their role adjustments are clear and that they are comfortable with the transition.

We want to emphasize the importance of caring for your team members during a pandemic. If your restructuring includes letting certain members go, consider other areas you could look into cutting costs first.

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 Revisit Goals

As you continue to come to grips with COVID-19 industry disruption, you must ask yourself if you’ve rethought your goals. This includes your goals for profit generation, team members, marketing, and all other things that have to do with your internal processes. By evaluating these goals and adjusting properly, you can ensure that business stays afloat now and will thrive long after the pandemic passes.

Make time to analyze how well you’ve been hitting your sales goals and what’s affecting the trends you find. Some goals may have to be put on pause because they aren’t realistically attainable during this time and others may be created in place of that. Ensure that you’re setting detailed objectives on how each goal will be met. From there it is important that each decision is effectively communicated to your team members or stakeholders, so everyone is on the same page and the transition is smooth. 

Keep in mind that you are not the only business owner that was in the process of achieving the major goals set for 2020. We’re all going through this as a community. If you want more insight into how goal setting can affect your business throughout this time, check out an example from Rolls-Royce.

Reorganize Information

It’s time to do some Spring cleaning with your internal processes. If you haven’t had time to get organized in 2020, make time now to organize your physical AND digital resources. Doing so will allow you to put more time into shifting everything back to the physical space once the pandemic is over. 

Start with your files, either in your filing cabinet, on your desktop, or via the cloud. Make sure everything is in the right place and easy to find for those that may need access to it. Sometimes that means scanning documents into your desktop and other times it means printing out files from your computer. It’s important to keep communication at the forefront of this process because decisions you're making from your home office may not translate well to those working miles away from their own home office. 

Create and keep a daily meeting document that everyone on your team can access to be notified when important information is being filed or moved. Resources like G Suite and Dropbox can increase productivity and collaboration efforts. 

Consider different software you could implement to help internal processes. Maybe that’s utilizing task managers like Asana and Monday to organize you and your team member’s projects. These applications can be accessed from a mobile device or desktop making it convenient to get internal information. This also allows you to track progress and communicate if something comes up. 

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Research what works best for your specific industry and start implementing these processes now. Keep in mind that it may take yourself or some team members time to adjust, but clear communication and direction can make for an effective transition. Be open to receiving feedback from your team and outsiders that may be in the same position. Use the information you gather as a guide to perfect internal processes during this time. It could be what makes your businesses sink or swim.

If you need more information on resources that could help you and your business out, take advantage of our exclusive online networking and workshop opportunities. There are events happening just about every week with insight from professional experts focused on dealing with COVID-19 and strategies for success moving forward. 

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