As a woman business owner would you say you have a lot on your plate? Do you go to bed with concerns on your mind? Concerns about the next day - all the details of starting, developing and scaling your business, meetings, all of those to-dos, managing family, health issues and generally feeling stretched in your capacity to show a positive face to the world? You might sleep well, you might not. It’s possible that with so much weighing upon you, you might even feel like you’ve gotten up on the wrong side of the bed. Who hasn’t had that feeling?

Success Begins With Your Morning 

You know something about this. Perhaps you’ve schooled yourself in the value of positive thinking by hearing/reading the works of Shawn Achor, Les Brown, Jack Canfield, Dale Carnegie, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Tony Robbins, Martin Seligman and others. You may even have taken sales training which includes positive empowerment and communication principles and techniques. But all that investment in money and time isn't worth anything unless you put it into practice. 



She was close to calling it quits. Then we worked together to explore her purpose, her mission and her WHY for doing her business.  Through questioning and introspection, we were able to dig down to her core purpose. That alone revived her motivation. Then we explored her “back story” on her purpose that she could share with prospective clients.

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3 Ways Your WHY Story Will Attract Loyal Customers

The Downward Spiral of Negativity

As a therapist, I know for myself and from clients that owning and exercising the ability to choose our approach to challenges as well as to re-frame our disparaging view of ourselves, others and situations, can be cultivated during our process of growth. Some come by this easier than others.

Many women business owners forge ahead in positivity and optimism on the outside while still being plagued with repetitive thoughts of self-judgment (beating yourself up), fear and insecurity on the inside. Sound familiar? Have you noticed how a disparaging thought gains momentum and you spiral into a spin of negativity and then find yourself immobilized?

This type of thinking is often followed by one or more of these assorted conclusions: “Maybe this means I’m in the wrong business;” “What is wrong with me?” “I’ll never figure this out, I'm not cut out for this.” You get the picture.

A lifetime of coping with and painstakingly managing your emotions and negative interpretations is bearing down on you each day. So, for many reasons starting each day for success is very important. It will support your ability to achieve your goals AND regulate your emotional life, which will ensure fulfillment of your purpose and allow you to enjoy your greatest gift - the life you get to live.

Start Each Day on a Positive Note

No matter what you are experiencing. No matter where you are in your growth. What follows is for YOU.

Neuroscience and brain research as well as Positive Psychology have unequivocally demonstrated the validity of substituting troublesome thoughts with positive thoughts and affirmations. Starting the day on a positive note is proven to be very effective.

You may be someone who starts your day with an affirmation or inspirational reading. However, you might find that once you are engrossed in your day, those readings and affirmations have drifted off somewhere out of reach. This might occur because the readings and affirmations may be for your overall good, but not quite specific enough for each emotional eruption (even the subtle ones) that you encounter throughout your day.

The Answer to Your Success is Free!

Here’s something you may not know. There is an answer. It’s free and it’s inside of you. You just need to be invited to connect with it. I’m inviting you and will give you a simple and easy way to make the connection.

Within you is an inner fount of wisdom. Lissa Rankin, MD in her book The Fear Cure (which I highly recommend whether you feel afraid or not) calls this fount, your “Inner Pilot Light.”

In my book, Be Happy No Matter What – 5 Steps to Inner Freedom, I refer to it as "your innate inner voice of wisdom." It’s that wise part of you that makes the final decision when you deliberate over several choices. For people who identify as spiritual, it’s the voice of spirit within you. For those who believe in the Divine (with many names), it’s that voice within you – not outside of you.

This inner consultant knows you and knows what’s in alignment with the essence (truth) of you and so is the perfect consultant in any and every moment for you. During the day, you can ask it anything and it will guide you to your best constructive thoughts, feelings and practices. This is a direct/efficient route to the epitome of positive thinking – positive thinking that’s tailored, attuned to and specific to you.

Productivity Begins with Each New Day!

As an entrepreneur, you need to be ready and open for subtle signs of opportunity. Every day you want to be alert, clear headed, intuitive and sharp for analyzing the world around you.

To productively start each day, accomplish this by adopting the following approach NOW:

  1. Condition your mind to choose to see the morning as a fresh start, clean slate and a brand new again and again.

  2. You can view the morning as Spring rebirth every day. 

  3. You can see the morning as the blessed beginning of a new lifetime, every day.

Consider that everything you have experienced (thoughts, feelings, situations, life scenes, life learnings, growth, relationships, mishaps, maladies, tragedies, losses, enjoyment, etc...) brings you to each NEW day. See your background as educational life experience so full that it bursts you forward into the clear pure newness of a fresh open view of possibilities.

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Your Morning Call

Of all the many ways to do this - like morning guided meditation, daily contemplative thoughts, reading mind clearing passages; choosing daily readings and more - I find the following the simplest:

I have on my night table a little index card on which I have put the words:

My Morning Call

I Call My Inner Wisdom

I set the intention to access the treasure of my inner wisdom today.

Choosing this focus each morning, sets you up to recognize your inner wisdom revealing itself at every turn. This simple “call” puts you in touch with your infallible
inner- wise-thinker, discerner, decider and guidance system. You see, setting the focus to access your inner wisdom unfolds the experience of seeing through wise eyes as you travel through the day. This shifts your consciousness from what weighs upon you to a whole new view of openness to positivity and new possibilities.

Practicing this daily will forge new neural thought process pathways and over time becomes your new default setting. Collaborating easily and naturally with your inner wisdom, experiencing the truth of your intrinsic value, talents and abilities takes the place of any lurking, insecurity and lack of confidence.

What a wonderful way to start the day, and the next day, and the next and on and on.

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Author, Ellen Seigel, LISW

Ellen is an eWomenNetwork Premier Success CoachEllen, has been a psychotherapist for 30 years  who coaches people on how to achieve success by altering their perception. Her philosophy: Inner Freedom = Outward Success
Ellen’s newest book, Handling Your Own Emotionscomes in a handy pocket size that provides easy-to-use tools at your fingertips when you need them day to day. It is available at Amazon


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