There’s beauty behind every individual. A story that is waiting to be told. Through these stories, we empower others to share theirs. This spark starts a fire that is unstoppable and showcases the resilience that allows us to connect and relate to one another. Remember that old saying - there’s strength in numbers? Well, we’re here to show you just how that works.

Think back to a story that inspired you, it could’ve come from someone you know or even from a speaker at an event you’ve recently attended. How did their ‘ah-ha’ moment impact your perspective on life? Did it move you to make a change or motivate you to reevaluate your mindset? It’s important to note that the power of sharing your story can not only empower others, but it can also help light the way for those who are walking a similar path. 

If we’re being honest, we understand that it takes courage to share your story because it means letting go of the ego (aka. The carefully crafted image of the person you believe you should be) in exchange for the raw version of yourself that includes all your imperfect traits and hardships that you’ve triumphed. However, the truth in being your authentic self will set you free. It can be a scary leap, but the benefits are boundless.

Sharing is Helping Yourself and Others

Sharing our experiences can help us find meaning in the most painful events and clarity as to what purpose is played and which direction it takes us. 

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For example, at our 2019 eWN Entrepreneur Conference + Expo, Magie Cook hit the stage to tell her story about how she turned $800 she won at a cooking contest into a million-dollar salsa company. She touched on the hardships of getting rejected by multiple companies, figuring out how to deliver her own products and staying positive throughout the process. If you were there, you could see a glimpse of hope that lit up the eyes of attendees as Cook shared her story. After her speech, many of them shared their gratitude and how inspired they were to take what they learned from Cook’s story and implement it onto their own lives.

Sometimes, all it takes to connect with someone else is sharing your vulnerable story, lending them an ear, and being present for them. Many survivors of hardships become active in movements focused on prevention and helping others who have had similar experiences. This is often a key part of their healing process, which in return helps heal the minds and souls of others. 

Sharing Helps Reaffirm Your Values

During the process of sharing your story, oftentimes you gain clarity within yourself and in relation to the environment around you. People who have found their voice and shared their story find a sense of peace and hopefulness that they wouldn’t have otherwise. 

Sharing our stories has the power to change the lives of others no matter how big or small that change may be. If your core values align with making a change in this lifetime or creating a spark that will ignite a fire down the road, then sharing your story will justify your human existence. As deep as that sounds, it's the plain truth. Imagine how dark and cold the world would be if we didn’t connect and relate to others.

At the very least your willingness to showcase your vulnerability serves to assure others that difficulties won’t break us. This is not only possible to endure the rollercoaster of life, but to gain strength and thrive as a result of our experiences.

Your Story Has More to Offer Than You Know

Reading this blog, you may be thinking that none of this applies directly to you because you haven’t had a particularly difficult challenge in life that has brought you to where you are. You need to dig deeper. Think about the way you live your life, your values, and experiences. Everything has the potential to provide insightful lessons that can impact others. There are limitless opportunities to take a piece of your story and share it through coaching, mentoring, speaking, volunteering, and simply through relationships. 

Our Stories Are Part of a Bigger Story

Our stories aren’t merely a recitation of our past and present life events. It’s so much more than that. Your story tells how you turned dust to gold by refining the lessons you’ve come across. It contains the miracles - big and small - that show how manifestation and prayers alike helped shape us into the powerful being you are today. 

The words that we share have the capability to positively impact the world. And with platforms like social media and conferences, the time to share your story has never been more prevalent. Speaking up about your experiences, and about what’s important to you, is an easy and effective way to spark change, start conversations and connect with the people around you. 

The truth of the matter is: Our stories and how we tell them matters.

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