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Networking is All About Trust

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Networking can be tricky business. It can make or break you in some cases. As Sandra Yancey, founder and CEO of eWomenNetwork says, networking is all about trust. Trust that whoever you’re about to meet is the exact person you’re supposed to meet.

Networking is all About Trust

Sometimes trust is hard. When

you get right down to it, trust is really about letting go. Letting go of expectations and the need to control every situation. For example, when you go to a networking event, what is your purpose? What do you hope to get out of it? Do you go with the intention that you want to hand out a bunch of business cards and hope that someone will contact you? Or do you go with the intention to serve others? Do you go with an urge to get new business ideas for women? Do you go with your arms open wide ready to receive whatever comes your way?

Serving at its best is when you help someone who can never pay you back.  ~Sandra Yancey

Networking is All About Trust

Networking is About Serving Others

eWomenNetwork has a proprietary method of networking called Accelerated Networking™ Event, or A.N.E. They use it at all of their monthly chapter events throughout North America to help break the ice and allow others to come from a place of serving.

The way it works is all of those attending the A.N.E. sit at round tables. The Managing Director of the chapter starts the clock and gives each person 1 minute to answer these 4 questions:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you offer?
  3. What do you specifically need?
  4. What do you plan to purchase?
Networking is All About Trust

A.N.E. Process 

Once everyone at the table has her turn, they are all given other table assignments and together will move to different tables. This process happens 3 times during the event. The goal is for the others at the table to listen to the needs of the person talking and see how she, or someone she knows, can help that person. The person answering the questions has the chance to state what it is she needs most. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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Networking is a Long Game

Tom Farley, President of the New York Stock Exchange, said in a recent article in Fortune Magazine that, “Networking is not transactional, but too often it’s approached in such a way. Play the long game and build the network for the sake of building the network.”

The Power of Networking for Women

Sandra Yancey started eWomenNetwork, because 16 years ago when she was starting her own business there were mostly only good-ole-boys networks. There wasn’t much space created for women to network. Sandra says in her book, Relationship Networking, that “Women command power in the new economy, and with that comes the opportunity to have our voices heard and to create lasting change.” She goes on to say, “Woman are typically great relationship networkers and business matchmakers, because they are authentic and they seek out authenticity in others.”

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Trust There is a Reason

Sandra explains in her video why you need to trust that everyone you meet at a networking event has a purpose in your life. Remember that at your next networking event and you will receive everyone you meet with open arms, even if they aren’t doing the same.

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Author, Phyllis Smith
Content Manager, eWomenNetwork 


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