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Gone are the days of traditional marketing as the new age of digital marketing breaks through. There are tactics, such as articles and advertisements that could fuel the growth of your business, but few prove more effective in today’s digital age than securing your video marketing strategy.

Facts About Video Marketing

  • Increases conversion rates by 80 percent

  • Website visitors will spend 88 percent more time on your website

  • Assist 90 percent of customers with helping them make purchasing decisions

  • You’re 53x more likely to show up first in Google searches if you have a video embedded in your website (Moovly)

  • Video posts are 6x more likely to be reposted than a photo (Wyzowl)

  • Global internet traffic from videos will make up 82 percent of all consumer internet traffic by 2021 (Cisco)

Communicating in an Engaging Manner

One of the best reasons to invest in video marketing is that it allows you to communicate your bottom line in a controlled and engaging manner. Creating a brand personality is important because it allows you to connect with potential consumers. Using video allows you to be personable and digitally interact with the viewer while highlighting the main message you’re wanting to get across.

A good example of this would be one of our Celebrity Science clients, Deena Marie Carr, who is a financial advisor. Her business is all about Finance According to Your Faith. At first glance, it may be hard to understand what type of service she offers. However, her website is filled with various video content that breaks down her mission, message, and products. This helps potential consumers understand the business and relate to the brand, which creates a promising relationship.

Body language along with presentation is key to keeping viewers engaged. Practice your script in the mirror watching for facial expressions, the tone of voice, and body movement. Think about the way you receive messages from videos that you actually retain information from. Was it the tone of their voice that intrigued you? Did they use a lot of hand movement to keep your attention? If you’re new to video marketing, take some training classes to get comfortable with being in front of the camera.

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Utilizing video content on social media to grow engagement is an important investment. Instead of depending on the number of clicks on your website and hoping your page comes in the top Google searches, take advantage of the resources at the palm of your hand. Tools like IGTV on Instagram and hashtags can grow your reach over 100x. It also allows you to directly engage with your audience growing the relationship organically. Keep an ad budget for important posts to spread awareness even further. It will ensure your message is communicated to your selected target audience.

Impactful Marketing Tactics

Implementing video marketing into your business strategy isn’t complicated. There are different tactics that you can start today. If it seems like unknown territory, start small and strategize mini clips you can easily edit and post across your social media platforms. Then, once you get to a position where you can hire a part-time video editor to help you create engaging and informative content, distribute the videos in e-blasts, on your website, and across social media.

Consistency is vital for implementing any marketing strategy and this is no different. Remember to keep the message consistent as it will make your message more powerful. Create content that lines up with your brand. Create a tagline or intro to use at the beginning of each video that will catch the attention of new consumers. It’s okay to make your content easy going and fun when posting to social media, but keep in mind the brand image you’re wanting to portray.

Make sure each video contains a good amount of branding throughout. Whether it’s your logo in the corner or a call-to-action link towards the end. Keep in mind that others will be sharing your content. No matter who’s screen it ends up on, you’ll want to make sure the viewer knows who you are and what your brand is. It can boost revenue if you get enough viewers and, ultimately, create brand loyalty.

Content variation can help you reach different segments of your target audience. By tailoring what type of content you put out - for example, informative content that educates audiences through your expertise on your website versus fun clips of #HUMPDAY in the office on Instagram - can be more effective than using one for both platforms. Execute a good range of content from educational videos highlighting your expertise to light-hearted videos that showcase your personality.

Bottom line is if you’ve ever felt like there’s gotta be a way to generate more sales and connect with more customers’d be right. Join our CEO, Sandra Yancey, in our free 3-day training Tuesday, January 22 through Thursday, January 24 as she pulls back the curtain on some of the very strategies that our Power Studio client and Sandra herself have used to increase business, profits, and engagement. Click here for more information and to register today.



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