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Create a Business Model Like Disney

Have you ever wondered how the Walt Disney World Resort® continues to produce a dynamic model on Business Excellence, Leadership, Working Environment and Customer Service? What does Disney have that you don’t have? Besides a gazillion-dollar empire, you can create a business model like Disney and bring the Wow! Magic of Disney to your business.

Tell us about your Disney Wow! experience and how that applies to your business?

How to Bring the WOW! Magic of Disney to Your Business!

Imagine if you could create a customer focused culture like Disney. What would it look like? Picture your businesses finally having a plan to attract more businesses, customers, visitors, life-long brand loyalty and then stand out from the rest. Do you think people will visit, purchase more and refer others? ABSOLUTELY! They will think your business is magical! In this eWomen Success Institute webinar, you will learn from a former Disney executive How to Bring the WOW! Magic of Disney to Your Business!  

The Ex-Disney Guy

John Formica, an “Ex-Disney Guy”, is the leading authority in the service industry and small business growth. In John’s online presentation on eWomen Success Institute, he shares his incredible experiences, real best practices and proven Disney success strategies that can be applied to all types of businesses. It’s not just about customer service and performing tasks. These days it’s all about creating an experience for your customers and clients that will make you more memorable than your competition.

Your existing customers are 100% of your sales and profit. Are you losing them to the big box stores or your competition? Once you implement John’s Disney-proven strategies, you will no longer have to compete on price and you will blow them all away.

Let us know how you can apply the Disney magic to your business after you watch John’s webinar on Success Institute!

Your Disney Wow! Magic Takeaways

  • Learn key Disney strategies to attract more customers/clients and keep them for a lifetime!

  • Discover the secrets to creating a Disney-like WOW! factor.

  • Find out how to compete with the big box stores and NEVER on price.

  • Learn what your customers REALLY want, not what you THINK they need.

  • How to create a “Whistle While You Work” environment and culture for your team.

How to Bring the WOW! Magic of Disney to Your Business!

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John Formica, an “Ex-Disney Guy”, is an internationally known speaker, business consultant and author of the top selling book, Making the Customer Experience Magical Now!  How to Succeed in Business and Beat Out Your Competition Today.

He has been featured on the NBC Morning Show, FOX and Univison as well as numerous business magazines and Radio.  John has inspired audiences with over 2,500 keynotes and seminars to associations, business communities and professionals throughout the U.S. and the world. Today, John has become “America’s Customer Experience Coach” and leading authority on tourism, hospitality and service industries. He has successfully coached hundreds of professional leaders, small businesses, local tourism and business communities to build customer loyalty for life, increase visitors, attract more customers and create “Whistle While You Work” Team Environments.



Curator of Game-Changing Content, Phyllis Smith, Content Manager, eWomenNetwork

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