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Traci Bogan was sexually assaulted when she was a child. Her healing began with a trip to Hawaii and facilitating the passage of a Wisconsin State law to benefit childhood victims of sexual abuse. Beyond that, this is also an amazing story of how the self-proclaimed world’s first “Dreampreneur” gave away all of her earthly possessions, strapped an 82 pound backpack on and set off to see the world. Two Years, 54 countries, 75,000 miles later, Traci Bogan’s journey became a transformational book and will soon transform others in soon-to-be released movie, “The Backpack Diaries.” 


Click to watch our interview (or listen to the Podcast) and learn how to overcome your
fears and take action towards personal and professional transformation. 


) and learn what it takes to overcome your fears and take action towards personal and professional transformation.


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Show Notes


How the Journey from Dreamer to Dreampreneur Began

  •  Traci was sexually abused as a child in Wisconsin

  •  Blue collar worker – making refrigerator handles

  •  Met best friend – talked about "wouldn’t it be nice if…." Ended up deciding on  Hawaii

  • Traci's philosophy - When you keep your eye on the “why” the “what” doesn’t matter and the “how” always  shows up

  •  Lived in Hawaii for 10 years – did a lot of healing

  •  Had gnawing feeling and talked about her abuse – went to professional for  help. She woke up one day and knew she needed to do something  about it.

  •  Helped write state law to increase criminal statue for sex crimes on children in Wisconson. Known as, "The Bogan Bill."  – Happy because she left a “little” footprint in Wisconsin.

  •  Living the dream – While living in Hawaii, someone told her she has more to contribute –  went into medical field

  •  Lived a great life in Hawaii working for Plastic Surgeon – went out every  night – one morning after a hard night on the town with puke in her hair –  she knew she  was destined for more. Always wanted to see the world.

  •  Woke up knowing today is the day she was going to follow her dream.

  •  Gave everything away – for free!

  •  Bought a backpack and a map – Traci circled everywhere in the world she wanted to go – first stop was to Raising, Wisconsin – Then she spent a year crisscrossing the world – had no money, but had the strong enough "why."

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How to be a Dreampreneur

  • Traci was broke - She ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for 365 days in a row, bartered with butchers, dog-walked, collected aluminum cans

  • This is what she was willing to do to achieve her dreams. She says most people don’t want to put in the sweat equity.

  • What are you willing to do, to let go of, to learn, to forego just for a short period of time to focus on your dream? This is the difference between being a dreamer and a “Dreampreneur”

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  • "Death day" will always come before your "some-day"

  • What will it take to move the needle from dreamer to “Dreampreneur?”

  • 10 key formula for goal mastery – telling us 1 key – “Believe Key” – mastering your behavior

  • Be the person who is worthy of achieving your goal or dream

  • One way to participate in “Believe Key” is think of anecdote for  toxic beliefs – turn toxic thoughts to positive ones – anecdote will cancel out toxic beliefs

  • Marbles – Every birthday, Traci takes out a marble from her bowl (filled with number of marbles left until she's 80). She looks at it and thinks about all that happened that past year and all the things she wished would have turned out differently – then throws out the marble –  Reminds her that you can’t get that time back. 

  • She has 34 marbles left – Take age of 80 and subtract your age – that is how any marbles you have left.

  • Traci writes on cards everything she wants to do and puts in a box – pulls out the box every month and draws a card – will then set date and plan to get there. Have a vision and reverse engineer what it takes to do to get there. 

  • Traci always shows her journey on social media, so others can experience with her.

  • Biggest key people miss is don’t have an action plan and don’t have accountability.

Get in Touch with Traci Bogan by clicking here, and turn on your switch from Dreamer to Dreampreneur!

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