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This holiday season is a bit different for entrepreneurs. Instead of taking vacations and going on shopping sprees, they’re probably busy brainstorming their next genius idea to get innovative and stay afloat during the ongoing pandemic. Some might just be too busy to even tell you what’s on their wish list. So, we put together a list of the best gift ideas for the entrepreneurs in your life.

Or, maybe you’re the entrepreneur and want to share this list with your loved ones (wink wink).

For entrepreneurs who need more self-care time.

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Gift Set - The best way to destress, unwind, and focus is with a little essential oil wellness. This premier essence diffuser comes with 20 essential plant oils, four timers, and seven ambient light settings to fit any mood your entrepreneur is feeling,

Apothecary Jar Candles - Entrepreneurs are in their workspace for hours at a time, so why not make it a little less stressful? With these hand-poured scented wax candles in an aesthetic jar, any entrepreneur is sure to feel invigorated and inspired. 

Self-Care Spa Gift Box - If you’re looking for an all-in-one gift that will give your recipient options for self-care breaks, then try this relaxation gift box. It’s filled with handcrafted products that contain ultra-clean ingredients and pure essential oils. Plus, you’ll be supporting a small business in Austin, Texas with every purchase.

The Box of Emotions - Putting words to feelings isn’t always easy for entrepreneurs when their minds are racing at a hundred miles per hour. Encourage understanding and communication of emotions with this card game that was designed to make sense of moods and nurture self-awareness.

MindJournal - The power of daily journaling is amazing - you’re able to reflect, evaluate your mental state, set goals, and express creativity in a positive outlet. Share this mindfulness power with your fellow entrepreneur through a handy journal they can take anywhere. Mind Journal is proven to help reduce stress, increase happiness, improve physical health, and higher productivity. 

For entrepreneurs who love to learn.

Kindle - What better way to learn all about the world of entrepreneurship than with a device that gives you access to a global library of information. Kindles offer so much inspiration beyond what the internet can provide with endless brain fuel for your ideas.

StackSkills Lifetime Membership - Whether it’s learning a new language, how to code, creating websites, learning marketing strategies, or starting up a business, StackSkills has just about every course on any skill you want to learn. Each course is taught by professionals in a specified industry, so you know you’re giving (or getting) quality information. And with a lifetime membership, the possibilities are endless.

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A Great Entrepreneur Book (Or Several) - You can never go wrong with a good book! This year taught a lot of entrepreneurs how to pivot and get innovative, so if you know someone who’s interested in diving deeper, gift them “Rework” by Jason Fried. For those just starting out in the entrepreneur world, try “The Art of Start” by Guy Kawasaki or “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries. And for those who just want to learn how to get more creative in their field, check out “Ignore Everybody: and 39 Other Keys to Creativity” by Hugh MacLeod.

For entrepreneurs who are just starting their business.

Square Card Reader - If you know an entrepreneur who is planning on accepting card payments and needs a convenient mobile payment processor to take anywhere, look into a Square card reader. It’s an easy way to take payments so they can focus on other areas of their business.

Inspiron 2-in-1 Laptop - Want to make an entrepreneur’s holiday the best one yet? Give them the gift of versatility with this tablet that conveniently turns into a laptop. Perfect for on-the-go ideas, meetings, business planning, note-taking, and so much more. It’s a little on the pricey side, but we’re sure this gift is one that your entrepreneur will never forget!

LivePlan Annual Subscription - If you know an entrepreneur who needs to create a plan to seek a loan or investment for their business, look into a LivePlan subscription. This software easily connects to Quickbooks or Xero and puts anyone in the driver's seat with an easy to use business dashboard that’s created to help write a business plan, secure funding, and get insights to help reach business goals.

Monday Annual Subscription - Help an entrepreneur stay organized and on-track with this task manager subscription. If they are looking to put a team together, it’s even more perfect because it allows effective and efficient communication and project management to take place. Check it out and they’ll thank you later.

For entrepreneurs who need a boost throughout the day.

Portable Coffee Maker - Perfect for the entrepreneur who can’t do anything without a little caffeine boost. The simple design makes this on-the-go coffee maker an easy gift choice. Did we mention it’s perfect for K-CUPS or filtered coffee and is also a cup?

Blend Jet 2 - If your entrepreneur is more into smoothies or protein shakes or just likes to hit the gym during their workday, gift them an on-the-go blender. It’s portable, powerful, USB-rechargeable, and self-cleaning.

Power Bank - All entrepreneurs know the feeling of seeing red or a dead battery on their device and scrambling through their stuff to find out that there isn’t an outlet for a plug anywhere in sight. Spare them the heartache and look into giving them a handy power bank.

Positivity Jar - Entrepreneurs go through many emotions throughout the day, and bad days just hit a little harder sometimes. Give the gift of encouragement with a positivity jar filled with daily prompts that they can fill out and store inside to remind themselves why they started.

 For entrepreneurs who love technology.

Premier Wireless Mouse - Every entrepreneur knows the feeling of detangling all the chords to their devices, so why not make it easier with one less chord? This wireless mouse is designed to enhance daily performance and productivity. 

Noise-Canceling Headphones - Distractions are everywhere. If you know an entrepreneur who works in an active or loud environment, check out these noise-canceling headphones that will ensure their focus and productivity levels are high. 

HD Webcam - Video chats and meetings are taking the world by storm. So, it’s about time to get rid of low-quality videos and help an entrepreneur be more efficient with a little upgrade to an HD webcam. This allows for clear communication and heightened engagement that would normally happen in-person.

Smart Wallet - Want a cool gadget that will impress your entrepreneur? Check out this smart wallet that ensures all financial information and transactions are safe. Some features include fingerprint authentication, Bluetooth, crowdsource GPS, and more.

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For entrepreneurs who need to get organized.

Personalized Docking Station - This laser engraved, high-quality wooden docking station is perfect for entrepreneurs who love personalized organization tools. You can even pick and choose what elements and designs go into it (and you’d be supporting a small business).

Women’s Organizer Bag - Female entrepreneurs know the struggle of shuffling through bags and purses to find what they’re looking for. Look into a women’s organizer that’s multifunctional to save the trouble. There’s a compartment for just about everything!

Stationary Desk Organizer - Make it easier for your entrepreneur to find all the tools and utensils they need for work with this rotating desk organizer. It holds five compartments separated by plastic dividers to keep the essentials tidy.

Personalized Desk Organizer - This personalized tray is perfect for entrepreneurs with a small workspace as it fits perfectly above any keyboard. You can pick and choose what elements and designs go into this, as well (and we love to mention that you’d be supporting a small business).

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