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There are a lot of secrets to business and there are a lot of secrets to success. There are countless books with titles that contain the word “secrets” because everyone wants to know them. However, most of the time when you read a book or an article that dives into business secrets, we’re usually met with facts we’ve heard time and time again. So, let’s take a look at some of the business secrets people don’t usually talk about.  

Banks only want to loan you money when you don’t need it. It goes against everything we’re told. We want to remain debt-free and so we do everything we can to avoid borrowing money until it’s absolutely necessary. The problem is, when it’s necessary, you’re no longer a safe bet. Build that relationship with your bank when you don’t need the money.  

Thinking positive will only get you so far. I don’t want to knock the law of attraction, I’m a believer in attracting the energy you put out, but energy and positive thinking will only get you so far. If you have the best energy and intention in the world, but don’t have the tenacity, work ethic, and talent to back it up, you’ll be back at square one soon enough. Focus on that blueprint and sprinkle the positive energy on top of a solid plan.  

Your brain only has 4 hours of creative function daily. Regardless of whether you “work smarter, not harder”, you’ve surely heard the adage before. What you may be unaware of is that our brains are only wired for four hours of creative function max each day. So not only is working harder not the best option, it’s also likely to burn you out in the long run without getting the results you desire.


Sometimes you’re wrong. When you start a business, it’s usually because you are a subject matter expert in your area, and that’s a great thing! When you’re a subject matter expert and are ready to conquer the world, it can be hard to accept when you don’t have all the answers- and even harder to accept when you’re flat out wrong. But alas, sometimes the root of the problem lies with you. The sooner you own it, the sooner you can fix it and move on to your next big move.  

No idea is truly original. If you have a great idea, you’re probably not the first one to have that idea. Thomas Edison wasn’t the first to think of the light bulb and the Wright brothers weren’t the first to imagine flying, they WERE however the ones who did the work and put it in the right hands. If you’re blessed with a great idea, you must do the work to reap the rewards. A good idea without a plan and drive is merely a passing thought.

What do you think? What business secrets have you found that people rarely talk about? 

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