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As business women, I hesitate bringing this topic to the table.  The thing is, studies show that there is a direct correlation between our self-esteem and the success of our business.

A recent article from the Body Mind Institute couldn’t have said it any better: “If our energy is spent by being preoccupied with our weaknesses or being incomplete with our past, we can never be fully present to today, and so we sacrifice our true potential to bring about a result.”

So with that said, here we are.  The holidays are upon us, and with the holidays brings some of my favorite things like cookies, candy, desserts, snuggles on the couch, and comfort food in the kitchen.  

It’s already happening with Halloween around the corner.  Staff members, family, and friends with their inconspicuous bowl of Kit-Kats and Hershey’s on the table for the taking; small enough to justify, yet convenient enough to consume 10.

So the ‘holiday weight gain’ rabbit-hole begins, and goes deeper into Thanksgiving, then the holiday parties, the pot-lucks, the cookie-exchanges, the pumpkin-spice and peppermint-mocha everything, and the list just goes on.  

As busy women, it’s hard to bounce back after the holidays, and with your major business goals and resolutions on the line, the last thing you need to be preoccupied with is not feeling your best.  

That said, this week we are sharing some of our favorite hacks to be proactive against the "holi-gains" so that you can walk into the New Year feeling as strong about yourself, as you do about your business.

Step Away From The Cookie Jar

Whether it’s a cookie jar or a candy bowl, step away, sister. A great hack to curb the chocolate or sweet craving is to stash your own sweet alternative.  In my desk I keep a box of my favorite protein bars.  And let me just say, protein bars have come a long way from the dry, bitter, sometimes chalky, and just straight-up nasty taste.  My favorite bars to keep on tap in my desk are the Oatmega Grass-Fed Whey Bars.

They’re soft and chewy, the flavors are great, they are filling, and they are made with grass-fed protein + omega-3s which supports brain health way better than a bite-sized Kit-Kat.  My favorites are the Lemon Chia, the Chocolate Peanut Crisp, and the Chocolate Mint Crisp, but I’ve literally tried them all and not encountered a flavor that I don’t enjoy.  

Further, I enjoy supporting them because of their partnership with No Kid Hungry which has connected kids with 1.25 nutritious meals.  Cookies don't do that!

Beware of the Beverages

Hydration is key.  With all of the contradicting health information out there, there isn’t a single program that doesn’t tell you to drink plenty of water.  I don’t know about you, but that is definitely easier said than done.  With the holiday party cocktails, and the temptation lurking at every corner, it is even MORE imperative that we are on top of our water consumption to help us wash down the splurges and keep our brain on it’s A game to push through our final stretch of the year.  To help me get my water down, I have two tricks. The first, use something with a straw, versus a bottle!  I found that I way more frequently will grab the cup if I can take a quick, inconspicuous swig versus a quick chug from a bottle. Something about it just seems simpler.  Second, adding some flavor to my water makes a WORLD of a difference. 


For a healthy flavoring option I am absolutely obsessed with Mango BCAA PowderBCAA (branch-chain-amino-acid) Powder isn’t actually just a “water flavoring,” in fact, it is a full on health supplement.  I am no health professional, so please consult with a professional on supplements, but I can tell you that in addition to tasting delicious and helping with water consumption, it also helps benefit people with liver disease, decreases muscle breakdown, and decreases muscle soreness, to name just a few benefits. 

For more research on BCAA’s and their benefits, check out this awesome article by Health Line.

Treat Yo’ Self… in Moderation

It’s the holidays.  Eat out.  Indulge.  Treat yo’ self!  

A great way to help moderate yourself and not over-indulge if you’re someone that lacks all self-control, like myself, is to ask your server to box-up half of your meal to-go before serving it.  

I’ll snack on something healthy before going out to that holiday dinner so that I’m not starved for the entire serving, I can order whatever I want, but let him/her know that I’d like to take half of it to-go so please split the order and package up the rest!  

Restaurants are usually known for over-serving anyways so it is always more than enough, I get to indulge in what I want, without overdoing it.

Let me know if any of these tips were new to you or comment if you’ve ever tasted the Oatmega bars or have another favorite sweet-tooth alternative!  I know that I’d love to read what you’re doing to walk into 2019 with your best foot forward.

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