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 As an entrepreneur, you're prepared for any and everything to come your way. That means stocking up on items that you need to carry with you every day from meetings to the office to working from home. But what exactly are these essentials?

We’re diving into the 15 items that every entrepreneur should own (and carry nearby). As the holiday season is approaching, there’s no better time to celebrate your success and wins, or that of your fellow entrepreneurs, with these must-haves:

1. Blue Light Blocking Glasses 

Spending long days staring at screens can be harsh on the eyes and cause frequent headaches if you don’t take a break. Luckily these glasses are here to save the day. These blue light blocking glasses can help you maintain the long hours you need to work on your devices without straining your eyes or causing headaches.

2. Magnetic White Board

Staying organized is key and when you see your goals on a board every day, it’s a simple reminder to achieve them. Having a magnetic whiteboard you can take anywhere can help you develop ideas and organize your thoughts. It’s also great for brainstorms and meetings with your team members when out and about. 

3. Vistaprint Business Cards

Having your contact information readily available is always a smart idea as an entrepreneur. You never know who you’ll run into! Stay ready when you’re networking with these affordable cards from Vistaprint.

4. Bluetooth Waterproof High-Quality Headphones

Whether you’re working from a coffee shop or your home office, having a pair of good headphones can help your productivity and efficiency. These Bluetooth waterproof headphones are great for virtual meetings, listening to podcasts, or playing music to tune out the distractions around you. 

5. Back Cushion

Get more work done without worrying about lower back pain due to your office chair with a back cushion. This will help you work out any kinks while sitting at a computer for long periods of time. They come in different shapes and sizes to match any seating type. 

6. Fast Wireless Charger

You need access to your cellular device wherever you go to stay on top of notifications, events, emails, and more. This wireless charger can be taken anywhere and is lightning-fast so you won’t ever worry about seeing your battery on red. It’s also super sleek to match any aesthetic in your work environment.

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7. Stress Relief Essential Oils

Don’t let the fast-paced, busy lifestyle of being an entrepreneur catch up to you. Take a moment to breathe with these stress relief essential oils. They have great therapeutic benefits that allow you to slow down your thoughts and unwind for a second. It’s also great for those with anxiety or sleeping issues.

8. Hand Therapy Exercise Stress Balls

For the times when you need to let some stress out physically. These therapy exercise stress balls are great for reducing physical discomfort and relieving mental tension in your body. It helps to increase blood flow and circulation in your hands, fingers, and forearms for a more serene workday.

9. Adjustable Laptop Stand 

Since you’re most likely working from home these days, try this ventilated laptop stand to keep you and your laptop cool and collected while completing daily tasks. It’s perfect for those who need to adjust their posture or just want some change in body position every once in a while.

10. Smart Watch

A durable, water-resistant watch that’s able to track your progress in different areas of your workday. From health guidance to life assistance, you’ll have just about everything you need to know for the day at the click of a button. It also helps with notifications, reminders, and scheduling upcoming appointments.

11. Hardcover Notebook

Do you ever think of a really great idea that you want to present to your team once you get in office, and then, all of a sudden you get to work and it completely vanishes from your thoughts? Avoid this mistake by writing your ideas down. This classic hardcover notebook with a pen loop can be your best friend when it comes to protecting and organizing your thoughts.

12. External Battery Charger

Ensure that all of your devices are fully charged and ready to take on the day with this external battery pack. It’s high-speed recharging features will have you prepared for anything. All you have to do is plug any chord into the power bank and you’re good to go.

13. PILOT G2 Rolling Ball Gel Pens

It’s not surprising that pens are an office must have -- and they’re typically the first supplies to go missing. Keep these affordable pens with you and stop searching for something to write with when ideas come to mind. They’re also long-lasting and have smooth-writing capabilities.

14. Universal Plug Adapters

You never know what type of outlets an establishment may have. Be prepared with a universal plug adapter so you don’t have to worry about switching locations once your devices are on low battery. Perfect for traveling, and even better when you’re on a deadline!

15. File Folder

 Keep all of your documents organized in one location with a file folder. This sturdy organizer will keep your papers safe and prevent everything from getting bunched up. It also comes with color-coordinated tabs that you can label for more convenience. 

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